Weekends With Platt.

From virgin spots and de-knobbed rails, to wooden kickers and pedaling around aimlessly with Jeff Z…Alex and I had a great productive couple days working on his welcome to Volume edit. Check out some random iPhone-ography from our weekend below..

This first spot looks a lot more amazing than it actually is…but that didn’t stop Alex. With the spongy ground we had to create a narrow runway consisting of various found planks in order to even hop on the thing. However, I’m really glad we put in the extra effort because we walked away with a definite first for Alex trick-wise… not to mention a legit & tech flat rail clip, which is also first for him period lol. And for all you camera nerds out there, yes that’s a MK2 bayonet mount lens for a DVX mounted on an HMC150…how you ask? Secret…ask this guy.

My new Bermuda build and Alex’s fire engine. Alex is building up his Bermuda today so expect a bike check somewhere soon!

Our Sunday was spent on an early morning photo mission followed by some leisurely afternoon exploring with this handsome man. Jeff currently has a little shine time of his own in this month’s Dig’s article about the 10 most influential BMX photographers of all time. Congrats bud!

Clean. Alex put in the work, de-knobbed this gem, and then made it his bitch with multiple tricks for photos and clips. Rhymes, son.

Enjoying a Laguna Beach sunset with the crew by bombing the hill.



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