Weekend @ The Wreck Jam.

We all had one hell of a weekend making the trek from Long Beach all the way up to Raban-ville aka middle of gosh darn nowhere Nipomo, California for one of the funnest jams I’ve been to in a long time. Raban and Victor’s DIY “Wreck” spot for those of you who don’t know used to be a community recreation center many years ago and is now just a lonely foundation off the 101. Many great things have been accomplished at this spot by the Volume crew including most notably Tate’s crate slide to over duster and Jonas’ insane nollie in the Volume California edit (if you need the refresher.) With credible rumors of the city’s plans to tear down their spot, Raban decided to throw a big jam in hopes of bringing some attention to how much the kids in the Central Coast need that spot to stay around…or at the very least to go out in a blaze of glory. He even called the channel 12 news to come out and shoot a story, on which he decided to present himself to the normal world wearing a Dodge Caravan rim spray painted gold and made into the largest medallion known to man. Could Alex be any more G? Rappers everywhere must envy his swag. Check out some snaps from the day after the jump…

Da scene.

I love when Platt shows up to stuff like this and younger kids who aren’t necessarily familiar with his riding get the real life introduction to his madness. Ever the sleeper, Platt pretty much shut down the rail jam with three insane things first try, then just went back to casually sippin some coffee and instagramming our dog.

Raban is currently out with some knee complications, so he was playing host and announcer for the afternoon. Who doesn’t love free stickers? Hell I think I’ll probably still love stickers when I’m 40, but probably not more than these kids do right here.

Unfortunately the jam kind of came to an abrupt end with a couple of kids getting hurt pretty bad, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the rest of the afternoon. Here we are atop our buddy Conor’s family’s mountain property taking in the sunset. I did manage to film quite a few things from the jam however, so y’all best expect a little edit coming soon featuring Victor Galindo, Platt, Tate, Raban swaggin’ out, and possibly the hot new’s reporter’s butt or lack there of.



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