Right when you think we’ve said all we could about DeMarcus’ new War Horse frame, RIDEbmx comes through with an epic writeup on it with their new Know Your Roll feature.  Check it out at RIDEbmx>>

“Built from the ground up from heat-treated and butted 4130 chromoly, the War Horse might’ve been created for Demarcus specifically, but he had riders of all backgrounds and styles in mind when settling on the geometry that would ultimately bear his name. Riding high with a 9.25” standover, The War Horse features a 75.25 degree head tube for faster response in spins and nose manuals, and an equally responsive S-bend rear end that measures up at 13” slammed, with plenty of room for 2.3”+ tires. Details are always important when creating a signature product, and the War Horse features custom top and down tube gussets, and a sleek hourglass-shaped headtube that’s equipped with an etched Volume logo. Demarcus wasn’t looking for flash when choosing colors, and the Matte Rust finish will manage to turn heads while also avoiding eyesore status. No equine-themed machine would be complete without a horse somewhere, so check the top and down tubes for the battle-ready thoroughbred.” – RIDEbmx




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