RIDEbmx is killing it this Christmas with all their Buyers Guide features. Their latest one, ‘Tech Street BMX Frame Buyer’s Guide’ just dropped with our Voyager frame. All the info is below and HERE>>.

If you’re looking for a new frame with geometry suited for technical street riding, then look no further because we’ve got you covered. A good general rule of thumb for a frame with tech geometry starts with a steeper headtube angle of 75° plus, and a short rear end in the neighborhood of 13″. As you’ll come to see in this sampling, there are a lot of slight variances between these frames, but they’re all some of the most responsive BMX frames on the market, so you’ll have to figure out what’s best for your riding style and bike handling preferences. Feel free to click any of the photos or links to potentially buy a frame or simply get more info from our online store…

Volume – Voyager
Weight: 5 lbs. (21″)
Colors: Northwest Green (Josh Clemens), Glacier Blue (Billy Perry), polish raw
Volume’s Team frame is available in three colors, including two signature colorways; Oregon native Josh Clemens Northwest Green and Long Island, NY local Billy Perry‘s Glacier Blue. Frame features include full 4130 chromoly heat-treated tubing, TT & DT gussets, an hour glass shaped integrated Campy spec HT, 4mm thick heat-treated dropouts that clear hub guards and pegs of all sizes, S-bend CS for bigger tire clearance, and removable brake mounts.

TT: 20.5″, 21″
CS: 12.75″-13.25″
HT: 75.25°
ST: 71°
BBH: 11.7″
Stand Over: 9.25″