New RIDEbmx Know Your Roll Voyager frame feature just dropped up at Very informative and has some new photos of the frames too. Check it out to get the whole scoop. 

“Building a BMX team is completely different than building a team in the traditional sports sense. Stick & ball sports feature rosters of players that fill a specific need/purpose, and many positions require unique pieces of equipment that cater to that players job. With a BMX “team”, what you’re trying to accomplish as a brand is completely up to you – some brands pick out diverse rosters of riders with all sorts of riding styles, while others focus on bringing together a group of riders whose personalties, aesthetics, choice of vices, etcetera etcetera are on the same wavelength. Because BMX is subjective, a “team” is whatever you want to make it, but in the end, even riders with completely different styles might prefer to ride the same setup – as a brand, this is great, because you can choose to produce products endorsed by single members of the team, or items that everyone on the team can stand behind. With Volume’s new Voyager frame, team members from opposite coasts Josh Clemens and Billy Perry get their names on a single frame that caters to their seperate riding styles, but with colorways representing the vastly different coasts on which they reside.” – RIDEbmx