Volume Trip Days 2 & 3

So we have been on the road for a few days now and we finally made it to Denver this evening. After we woke up in Vegas we hit the anthem skatepark for a few hours before making our way to Just BMX for a meet and greet. The folks over at Just BMX were great as usual! After we left we hit the road and drove until 4am and crashed in Grand Junction. We got on the road at noon today and made our way to Denver. As soon as we got in we hit up the Denver park for a session before making our way to the OSS house and relaxing the rest of the night. We’ve been having some good times on the road! Photo’s after the jump, get into it!

Waiting in front of the casino for valet to bring the van.

First clip of the trick! Pat and I doing some work in that heat!

Just BMX!

Heavy sesh on a quarter and flat rail.

Geting it done!

We drove pretty much all nigh. These guys were having some laughs in the back of the van.

It wasn’t easy getting these guys out of bed.

Drew was ready to hit the road.

So was Matty.

A little ihop to get the day going.

The day was filled with lots of driving and rest stops.

Denver park for a bit before retiring back to the OSS house.



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