Volume Trip Day 2

Day 2 of the trip was a great day! Tate came and got us and we got rolling early in the afternoon. Had a quick skatepark sesh then it was time to hit the streets. We met up with a couple local legends and rode some really fun spots. Lil D was on fire today and got a few really good clips and Tate fired out a sick one too! By the end of the night we went to Tate’s house for some pretty intense games of ping pong. Check them photo’s!

Alfredo twisted his knee yesterday so he has been taking it easy by enjoying some technology in the van.

Look at this crew!

Aitken, Elf, and Cam Wood came out to cruise with us.

It was story time while I set up to film Tate.

Tate was really putting in work to try to beat Jason.

Jason was just too good for him.



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