Volume Trip Day 1

We kicked off the first full day of the trip. We picked up Drew Hosselton at the airport in Vegas at about 11, then we hit up a couple spots. It was a hot one out there but we managed to get a bunch of clips in, just a few hours then it was off to Just BMX for a meet and greet.  It was a really fun time hanging out they are a awesome shop. Thanks to Gary and Bridgette for having us! After that, it was off to hooters to watch game 3 of the Stanley Cup. Jason was not very happy by the end of that since Boston basically walked all over Vancouver the whole time (Go Bruins!). Then we started the trek from Vegas to Salt lake.  We left pretty late because we had to pry Alfredo from the blackjack table. Now everyone is passed out! Check out some of the photo’s from today after the jump.

We in this!

Drew Hosselton just messing around. Rock hop in.

Big ol’ game of footdown at Just BMX.

Win a game of footdown and get a Demolition Last Chance DVD

Jason just testing out his new sig bike.



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