Volume In Texas: Days 7 & 8


As it goes on many trips, the last few days seemed to kind of blend together. People are hurting a little, the overall clip pace slows down a bit….but really in this case we were all having way too much fun, staying up too late, and relaxing into the Austin way of life for it to really bother anyone too much. Don’t worry though we managed ride our bikes a little bit too. Here’s a photo at the peak of the golden hour, of a very golden man, on his very golden ride….

Raban actually tried the line that we are watching above on our first day in Austin for hours until it got too dark to film. Gutstains really liked how the light looked and insisted that we came back to this spot around the same time in the late afternoon the following day. Wouldn’t you know it…he got it FIRST TRY. Now that’s a gat damn athlete right there.

Bahlman figured out a way to make a VBC gang sign. Probably not something you should do in LA kids, but if you live in Minnesota or something you can probably let it fly.

Shoutout to Charlie Crum for showing us around to some new setups. We were very intent on not really riding the traditional Austin stuff so it was nice to have a resident active spot hunter around.

Saturday was the big 4/20 (also earth day, but nobody cares about that) so Crumlish and all the other Austin locals down with the cause got together and threw a big ditch jam over on the East side somewhere in the projects. It was a great time ofcourse, and you can expect a video from Mr. BMXFU himself soon. For now here’s (ironically) the only other member of the Volume team besides myself who actually doesn’t partake in greenery activities, laying one flat out of the uprail and over the poop water.

Posted after a long day. Gutstains is so good at art.

And then there were 5. At this point Lil D and Tate had both caught their flights out of town. Platt, Raban, Bahlman, Drew, and Myself decided to stay an extra day and enjoy our time in Austin a while longer. Until next time Texas…it’s been rad!



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  • dan

    ah man, I saw y’alls van at a convenience store the other day and wondered if it was the Volume crew. Glad it was rad. Love my Sledgehammer.


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