Volume In Texas: Day 6.


For days 6 – 8 of our Texas trip, we decided to ditch Joey and head up north to Austin and meet up with resident photographer, TCU blogger, and Cici’s pizza enthusiast Gutstains. Here’s Drew laying one flat in the first little DIY alley spot behind a bar….

We were really only riding this spot because we were patiently waiting for Charlie Crumlish to finish cutting and installing a door in his house so he could then show us around. I’ve honestly never seen Charlie use a saw let alone any power tools in my life…I have however seen him struggle and/or procrastinate countless times working on his brakes…so needless to say we were waiting for a while. Sometimes situations like that work out in your favor though because it gives you time to ponder up new moves. Here’s Tate using his ever creative brain and combining a classic can-plant while slamming his sprocket into that sign. Gutstains on the trigger.

After using those creative powers at the DIY spot, Tate was really on a roll the rest of the night. This spot was a total bust during the day, so we had to come back and light it up…

Night moves with the crew. Crumlish finally finished doing man stuff and was able to show us this little gem. Bahlman, Raban, and even Charlie came thru with some awesome moves on this thing that seemiling nobody besides Charlie has ever really ridden. Attention Austin youth: get out of the skatepark and go behind a building…you’ll find 40 spots.

What better way to spend the first night in Austin then going out and getting reeeeeaaal loose at Shakes? “Loose” for a few members of the crew is probably a gross understatement…



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