Volume In Texas: Days 3 & 4


Still nothing but good times here in good ol’ Texas! Here’s yesterday morning’s riding scene at the first spot with Drew Hoss getting it in. Drew may or may not be running a freecoaster now, and lets just say that he could very well be on his way to becoming a four pegged afro version of Ian Scwartz. He’s already got the farming thing down too…

Rewind back to Monday, and we have ‘The Day Of The Tate.’ As you can imagine with riders or circumstance like Mr Roskelley, it’s a constant search, think, explore, ponder, trial and error process when it comes to getting such unique clips…and on a trip with 7 other riders with different styles, that’s not exactly the easiest thing to pull off daily. However on Monday, the stars aligned for several hours and Tate was able to come up on two awesome clips to start the day off right. Here he is doing a little modification to a door stopper.

The first spot we hit on Monday was jam packed with twists & turns, homeless dwellings, places for Tate to slide around in, and also this awesome hip. Here’s Raban putting Joey to work while Tate and I set up for a clip.

Talk about a humid ass day! Bahlman and myself were out in the sun filming a line for a bit, meanwhile Platt, Raban and the rest of the crew decided to go margarita crazy while having it made in the abandoned building shade.

Faces of enthusiasm.

Photo Apr 15, 6 43 42 PM
We had big plans for the rest of the day, however shortly after Bahlman was finished with this statue we ended up getting rolled on pretty hard by the boys in blue, and having the rest of our afternoon shut down. Alex Platt was setting up for this awesome uprail to over when it happened and the fuzz demanded to see our footage and photos. Since he didn’t end up landing it Joey and I pulled the ol’ memory card swich-a-roo / clip delete and we managed to get away with nothing but a warning and an evidence photo shoot with a digital camera that was probably made in 1999.

Day fourrrrrrrr, breakfast of champions with Mr. Hoss. Having the house we rented in San Antonio has been great for saving $, eating healthy, and having everyone more or less on the same meal schedule. Drew loves cooking, and is also a vegetarian, so this eating at home thing is working out for him just fine.

Joey: “Hey Raban!, pour that water over your head!”
Raban: “Okay”
Joey: “Okay now, shake your head around!…..yeah, just like that…that’s nice…perfect!”

Raban spits hot bars, he spits on cop cars, he spits game to the girls who belong to rockstars.

We spent a good couple hours at this seemingly awesome teeth ditch, which was very fun to ride, however as time went on we kinda realized that when it came to filming clips, all of the things we had in mind to do, didn’t really line up. No matter tho, we still had a great time. Here’s Drew with a foot jammin’ salmon to end the session.

One could say this line was kind of a pipe dream…Stay tuned for more tomorrow!



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