Volume In Texas: Day 2


Day two started off at what’s become a notable destination high school for Texas riders and passers-thru alike, and we definitely made the most of our visit. Simply put, when the day starts out with my picky ass actually getting a clip or photo, you know the rest of the team has to kick it into high gear and get at least one more clip then the f-in’ filmer did. Here’s a weird top side smith from yours truly to start off the session…

Lil D and Bahlman continued to go hard at the first high school spot, meanwhile the rest of the crew decided to indulge in some authentic Texas Mexican food across the street. When we arrived at the next spot, Raban’s stomach decided it could no longer hold the massive amount of food he had ingested and he started puking all over the parking lot. Alex then searched for the nearest thing he deemed comfortable (in this case some concrete ground and a concrete pole) and relaxed for the remainder of the session. If i didn’t know better I’d think he was practicing being homeless. Buy a Bermuda so Alex doesn’t have to live like this anymore…

I’m always very excited when people end up filming lines that the average fan of that particular person’s riding wouldn’t necessarily call out. Keeping things fresh till death, Drew starts off a line with a backwards rail…the rest is now a piece of Hosselton history.

Happy Bahlman on the way back up from landing his line with Drew cheering him on. Those two Arizona butt buddies were going back and fourth on the red rails for 40 minutes or so trying to land their trickery. Bahlman ended his line with a signature surprise which made the clip that much better.

Always rolling up motivation and keeping a close eye on current events via his CNN app, Project Platt holds down the front seat.

The calm before the storm. Lil D gets some relaxation in with a big night ahead of him.

Alex f-in’ Raban ladies an gentlemen! I think it’s safe to say that this is the most excited I’ve ever been for Alex to get a clip. Last time I was in Texas on the Demolition Lost In Lone Star trip, I logged a lot of solo pedaling hours around the house and found this spot that I recognized from a skate video. I immediately took a photo of the spot and sent it to Raban to ponder over until our trip. With an iffy knee all braced up, Alex really took some incredible stair rolling slams and was nearly ready to give up, but the crew cheered him back on his feet every time and he ended up executing it perfectly and rolling away astonished. But we weren’t done yet! Lil D got on the horse and went in for round 2. Although he didn’t slam quite as hard as Alex, we were all pulling for him just the same and he ended up coming away with his move in that signature ‘make the hardest & most technical things look easy’ Lil D style that we all love watching. Sessions like this are what we live for.

Great moments in Texas history.



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