Volume In Texas: Day 1.


It’s funny how little things always work out. In this case, Broc had injured his wrist a couple months back on a TCU trip and when I was planning this Texas trip I was kinda forced to leave him out of the picture. But then, coincidentally him and his dad were in the process of a cross country trek to move Broc and his car out to California, and decided to stop in San Antonio to visit us for a bit. Everyone was super stoked to see Broc and it kinda set the tone for the rest of our first day being a very fun & productive one. Check out a mother load of photos from our day one below…

After some delicious southern breakfast at this place called “The Barmacy,” with stomachs full of bacon (especially Joey) we headed to THE San Antonio ditch for a lil warm up session.

Raban unbelievably stoked to be on his bike, as usual. He’s also coming on this trip nursing a fresh, but kind of on-going knee injury, so just pumping around and doing “causal” feeble 3’s always puts a smile on Chef Chachi’s face.

Insert not-so-witty Brian Castillo stoner remark here.

Shootin the D’s.

Tate making friends with some of the locals..

This lil guy knows whats up! He got himself to roll down that big ass wedge, so I figured id hook his whip up with some stickers. He was also a Chief Keef enthusiast and kept going back and fourth with Raban shouting “Bang Bang.”

Oh jus’ taking it all in.

This is D’s first time in Texas, and he definitely seems to be enjoying himself so far. Here’s a lil ice ice baby on some perfect rails.

I honestly don’t think we’re ever going to run out of ways to make fun of Bahlman’s last name. Here’s an uprail from Eric Barman. Say it with an Asian accent, yeah you know that’s funny.

Alex Platt strikes again! I’m super excited for Platt to be on this trip because this is his first trip to start stacking for our DVD…and the above spot marks the first clip, as well as a first for Alex. Here Bahlman and I hold the rail (and work out) with some extension cord pressure to keep er sturdy for him. Great clips and a great end to a very productive first day. We then proceeded to go home and spend hours and hours making Joey Cobbs memes and laughing our asses off. Stay tuned for more tomorrow!



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