Volume In Texas: Day 0

If you put a bunch of questionable young gentlemen such as the Volume team in a van and drive for 20 hours, you’re almost certainly not going to have an average journey. This time around we have chose San Antonio and Austin as our vacation destinations and the roster is Tate Roskelley, Alex Platt, Eric Bahlman, Alex Raban, Lil D, Drew Hosselton, Myself, and Joey Cobbs on the photo front. You can follow along with the trip on instagram (because really who the hell tweets anymore) at #volumeintexas…and follow the crew while you’re at it too! Click below for more photos/stories from what turned out to be a very eventful day yesterday…
Picking up D in east LA. Bermuda game heavy.

We spent a night at Drew Hoss’ pad in Phoenix to get a fresh start on the rest of the drive in the morning. Good thing we heard this little hissing from the driveway before the morning…

Oh yeah…

Once we got into Texas we had the displeasure of running into some of the local law enforcement. He pulled us over because “the people in the back were laying down and not wearing seatbelts” which he ended up giving everyone tickets for, but really took one look at me and wasn’t leaving us along until he searched the van. Unfortunately for him we pulled off a slick little stash operation a few exits back and he wasn’t gonna find anything…we were all just a little irritate about roasting in the desert sun for an hour.

Despite the hour long hold up, we were actually right on time to pick up Tate and Joey from San Antonio Airport. This is our pad here in San Antonio for the next 5 days.

And what a better way to introduce the crew to San Antonio than to bring everyone to this dialed taco truck that just happens to be located right outside of a male strip club called “Hard Bodies.” Tate in particular was very fascinated by the Hard Bodies staff and may or may not be picking up a job application before the trip is over…



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