Volume In California Trip: Day 0 & 1.

And here we are! Yesterday kicked off the first official day of our Volume In California trip consisting of Jason Enns, Broc Raiford, Drew Hosselton, Tate Roskelley, Lil D, Alex Raban, Eric Bahlman, Mike Jonas, Joey Cobbs, and Myself. I can’t tell you how psyched I am to finally have the entire team in one place hanging out & filming together for a Volume video…we’ve been having nothing but great times so far! Check out our daily shenanigans below and follow along on instagram with #volumeincalifornia.

This one takes it back a day or two. Broc flew in a couple days early and I managed to get him out and about to see more of what Long Beach had to offer. Here he is with a curved rail dubbs 180 in preparation for the 180 bar. I’m so stoked on that clip…

Volume’s newest addition, Eric Bahlman shows his off his hop abilities on a gloomy day thursday afternoon at the office before getting the last few guys from LAX.

Posted in the office while we all do “the Castillo voice.”

Pong-O-Rama with the whole crew.

After getting stuck in the 180 Distribution time warp a little later than expected, most of our day was spent relaxing and enjoying the beautiful drive up the 101 thru Santa Barbara and finally arriving in Raban-ville AKA Nipomo, CA in the late afternoon.

What would a visit to Nipomo be without a trip to Chef Chachi’s house of pizza and dance moves? Raban hooked it up heavy for the whole team with this gigantic pizza and some brews before we beaded to the first spot.

As the sun was on it’s way down, we arrived at a high school ledge spot in Nipomo complete with many underage cheerleaders and girls playing tennis. Despite looking like creepy old bearded men and the light situation, the crew was stoked to just tear into something (on their bikes) and we ended up getting 3 dope lines of Raban, Broc, and Eric B.

After the high school, we headed south on the 101 to Santa Maria to pedal around and see what we stumbled upon. This almost perfect rock launch spot certainly got our attention. We set up the lights and Broc wasted no time gapping into it, then got a toboggan, 180, and various other no-handed trickery. Our newest yet to be officially announced B-Team rider Victor Galindo hopped in with a barspin off it too to cap off a very successful evening. Stay tuned for more tomorrow….



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