Volume In California: Day 7

We started out the session at this sketchy and slippery grate bank down along the bike path in San Jose for a clip that Tate had mind. D and Bahlman were also feeling the setup and walked with a downside whip, the above 180 on to fakie bar, and all their fingers still in tact. Tate on the other hand was not so lucky…in the process of trying his line which ended in a Roskelley signature footplant bar into the bank, the top right pannel somehow detached itselt and fell thru, along with Tate, leaving him with a bruised hip and a pretty gnarly hit to the funny-bone.

Jonas, Jonas, Jonas. This shit was insane. After some back and fourth as to weather or not this was a good idea, Jonas decided to sack up and give riding along that skinny ledge to drop into the bank a try. A few things that are going on here: For one, the bank is way steeper and crazier than it looks in this photo. Secondly the runout was covered in large rocks, broken glass, batteries, homeless blankets, and possibly human poop. Finally, he had maybe 20 feet at the very most to stop before slamming into that wall. He ended up trying it once, and washing out on at the bottom of the bank, then on the second go he totally pulled it (in my book) but his hand kinda boggled on impact and he ended up hitting a rock and slamming into the mud/wall.

We decided to call it a morning in San Jose, pack up, and head north to SF for the remainder of the day. The vast majority of the crew including myself had never been to 3rd and Army so we decided that would be the best destination. Despite the cold weather and the wind situation, everyone was pretty excited to get some stuff done here. Drew was first up and managed to double peg around the outside of the fat curved rail to hop over the L which was amazing….next Broc did a pretty crazy nose manual 180 to gap down into the parking lot, and Bahlman got a quick line down on the 3 stairs at the end as well.

With an ever-annoying 4:30 pm nightfall, we broke out the genny and lit up this curved ledge setup for Tate. I don’t really wanna ruin (or try to explain) what exactly happened here, but I will tell you that it involved the ledge, a grind, the tree, a strong left handed grip, and a lot of patience. Tate is the man.

Bonus Jonas was next up for night cippin and hit em with this long ass rail ride to bar out. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d want to ever try riding along something this skinny in the dark….nohomo.

After re-fueling with some excellent coffee from Joey’s favorite coffee spot in SF, we headed across the bridge to Treasure Island and ended up at this bank spot pretty much right in the midst of some sort of condemned radiation zone. Drew and Jonas decided to take advantage of the radiation, grow their 3rd legs, and get film some precision clips on the subrail and the upright next to it to wrap up the night, and the trip. Keep an eye out for the video from the trip coming soon, as well as a photo gallery courtesy of Mr Cobbs.



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