Volume In California: Day 6.

Day 6 started out with a nice warm sunny morning cruising around the streets of Joey’s town of residence, San Jose. We were kind of in a squeeze for time because we had a shop stop later in the day, but that didn’t stop Broc and D from taking advantage of some gems real quick. Here’s Broc above eying up a bar over the rail from ledge to ledge…

…and D hit em with a pegs gap hard 180 over the chain at this planter spot.

Around 2pm we packed up in San Jose and headed north to Oakley, CA for our shop stop at STF BMX. The shop was real rad and the kids were super enthusiastic and real fun to hang out with, which made for a great time!

Meet-n-greet with the kids. Enns signing one of my posters was just too funny to pass up…

Ball-Man hittin em with an invert out back.

All those years of working hard and spinning pizzas clearly carries over into Raban’s riding. Here he is on his grind to 180 bar exit.

Towards the end of the session Drew and Jonas decided that they were gonna go head to head in an STF Extreme Back Alley Ultimate Bunnyhop Throwdown Challenge. With an entire $2 on the line, the competition was heating up….

…but then they both ended up both knocking the bar off, both clearing it after a while, and then both maxing out at the same height and nobody won anything except maybe some bragging rights as to who made it over first.

A little product toss to end the night. Thanks again to Samar at STF for having us!



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