Volume In California: Day 5.

Filled with Denny’s breakfast and good spirits we loaded up luggage and hit the streets of Fresno for yet another day in hobo paradise…

After a quick bike shop pit stop to meet up with Chad Osborn and put stickers on homeless man, we rolled down the street to this little flat rail paradise. Here’s in the first frame of a pegs gap tire ride. Raban also managed a pegs gap crook 180 a couple rails back in the midst of some gangster piece of shit calling me a pussy in spanish and acting like he was gonna roll on us. I stashed the camera real quick, and luckily he pulled away without actually doing anything, and Raban was able to get the clip.

A fish of a whale. Checking the results before packing up rather quickly.

In an effort to deviate from our normal ledge spot groove this trip, we had Chad take us to this dope ditch tranny spot. Watching Chad ride that thing was a treat, and watching a legit prostitute working the mid afternoon shift was almost as good. She definitely walked by us over that bridge reaaaaaal slow as if to say “Any takers?” Pretty funny. Broc managed to keep his eyes on the prize and got down with a clean snappy flair on the left bank.

The rest of our daylight was pretty much spent cruising around the industrial areas in search of anything interesting to ride. Unfortunately and very much to my surprise, we didn’t really find too much of anything…so we opted for shooting a group photo instead to put the last 30 minutes of light to good use. Here we are killing time by throwing rocks at the train and setting things on the train tracks like real full grown men should…

Sunest promped a solid meal at Chipolte and a two hour drive west to San Jose. More tomorrow…



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