Volume In California: Day 4.

After a night of abandoning our shitty hotel in favor of one without bed bugs and scumbags surrounding the parking lot, we met up with Kink’s Chad Osborn and headed out to Fresno High to get the session rolling. That school was seriously stacked and it didn’t take very long for the creative juices to start flowing….

Raban (as usual) was the first one to figure something out. Here’s a funny final frame of a sequence involving the rail and ledge. If you can, take a stab at what exactly he’s rolling away from in the comments…

D posted.

Stretching with Chachi.

We ended up walking away with quite a few dope clips and photos of Raban, Broc, Bahlman (“Ball_Mannn”), and D which you’ll be seeing soon enough…but for now here’s a little phone snap of Lil D 180 crookin’ to 180 out to end his line.

Late lunch stop at this super ghetto burrito spot. Right when we rolled up there was a big sketchy dude posted up like he was waiting for his food. We quickly realized he in fact was not waiting for his meal, when the fattest chick ever with no shoes and one tooth walked up screaming a colorful array of obscenities at him right in front of her child. There was a break in the conflict, then they were back at it pushing each other around in the parking lot, then all of a sudden they made up and went into the house behind the taco stand. Quality live gross entertainment.

Raban has been on a mission the past couple days to get a clip in the camo jacket. As of yet we have not achieved the clip, however during a grocery store pit stop we did find Alex’s twin studying various items in the store…definitely not shopping. The security guard said he had been in there for over an hour…

Broc hittin’ em with it on the first stop of our late night grind. Speaking of grinds he also hangered this rail…first try…with no cameras out or anything. Boss.

Homie was walking by and decided to take full advantage of our generator, at first claiming he wanted to charge his phone in order to take photos of Broc riding, but then ended up sitting there for a good 20 minutes. Something tells me this isn’t his first time leeching electricity from a group of strangers. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Fresno is ghetto as fuck.

After the Broc show we headed over to this incredibly awesome triangle loading dock spot…and yeah that’s all angle iron all the way around. Needless to say we were beyond stoked on the find, and it quickly turned into virtually the entire crew battling it out back and fourth for their clips. Everyone ended up getting exactly what they wanted and then some, which made for by far the dopest session of the trip so far. Thanks again to Chad Osborn for showing us around!



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