Volume In California: Day 3.

Day 3 started off picking up the other half of the crew at their hotel in Santa Maria. Raban pulled up in his swagon wagon with a lit fire cracker which he then threw out the window directly into Bahlman’s hoody. All I heard was Raban say “oh no!….” right before it exploded bloodying his neck and blowing a pretty sizable hole in his sweatshirt.

After leaving Tate behind at the supermarket, we finally arrived at this first ledge spot. After some brief quarreling with the local gardener, Broc managed to get it in with a solid nose manual bar to feeble whip line.

Drew then stepped up to the plate with this tire-slide followed by a trick that people have only seen before in his hunt part….check the setup photo below for a clue…


After the ledge spot we headed (back) to yet another ledge spot for Jonas to handle some unfinished nollie business. He ended up rolling his ankle on the second part of the line but then pushed thru and got it done proper. I don’t have a photo of Jonas at this spot, however Joey did snap this quickie of Broc 180ing a picnic table.

…And maybe also this photo of Joey, Myself, and Bahlman being entirely heterosexual.

CalPoly school was next on the destination list for D. He really wanted to ice this rail and ended up hitting it with about a dozen solid double pegs as the light was fading away. We started breaking out the lights but given that the rail was in such close proximity to the campus police station, we didn’t really stick around too long. That and an accidental ghost ride into an Escalade by a member of Raban’s crew who will remain nameless, we ended up having to get outta there in a hurry. After a long drive into the night, we arrived in Fresno, CA to bedbug infested hotels, crackheads, and tons of shady shit. More tomorrow…



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