Volume In California: Day 2.

We started off day two at quite possibly the funnest “warm up” spot to ever exist, known as The Rec in the heart of Nipomo, CA. This ghetto ramp paradise provided us with a great team session and even a couple insane clips courtesy of Jonas, Tate, and Broc to start the day off right. Keep an eye out for a flipbook from this spot soon, and in the meantime check out the rest of our day below…

Little iPhone pano of the Rec spot.

After the Rec we headed down to Santa Maria to a school you might recognize from Raban’s Welcome To Volume Edit. Broc and Drew were loving this roof spot and clipped up right away. Here’s Broc with a warm up bar.

Drew was super stoked on the fact that he dusted off his tailwhipping abilities earlier in the day, so he really wanted to fire one out on a legit setup. He also did this in a line that consisted of a feeble hard 180 on the edge of another roof beforehand.

Tate also suck into the roof party with this drop into the fence to pop back onto the roof. After some further calculations he ended up spinging his way 360 degrees back up onto the roof. Amazing.

After the school in Santa Maria we ended up making our way up north to a college in San Luis Obispo. The generator is really getting some shine time now that daylight savings time is over. Broc ended up sliding a picture perfect crankarm to over then Raban found two metal barricades to play with for some roller coaster fun post crook hop out manual…

A good meal to end the day.



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