Volume In AZ: Day 8.

We spent the majority of the morning hanging out in the desert shooting the shit and taking some photos with Joey. We heard it was against the law to tamper with any cacti here in Arizona, so that just made us want to give one a good whack…Broc demonstrates how to find out what’s inside a cactus nicely above. Continue reading….

We then headed back to the red rail loading dock spot. Matty demonstrates “proper” mid-section stretching technique while Broc lays a down a quick tooth to pop over.

This was one of, if not the best, spot we’d been to the entire trip. Broc and Drew both clipped up heavy on this setup in particular.

In between looking at hot girls and shitting in nice hotels, Broc managed to get a nice little nug on this guy.

Guy talk.

Jonas decided today was the day to conquer this insane setup he had been sitting on the past couple days. Skinny ass ledge ride practically 2 stories in the air to drop into a super steep bank. It turned out awesome and we were all super stoked to see him get it done.

Crusing around downtown Scottsdale where people pretend to be rich and girls have really, really small feet.

Matty with the night cap on this less than perfect out-ledge.



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