Volume In AZ: Day 7.

We started off the day with a quick session at the above bank/up-down ledge spot. I am standing on it here but there’s a dope gap to the street which Broc handled properly with a quick 180 bar minutes before heading to our shop stop. Continue reading below…

Our shop stop was at Gordy’s Bicycles on the other side of town. It was a great turn out and everyone was having a good time shredding with with kids. The shop even built some fresh grind boxes for us to ride and Eric Bahlman came thru with his homemade up ledge and a flat rail to top it off.

Jonas warming up with a nollie over Joey…he cleared him with room to spare even though it totally looks like Joey is a dead man right here.

Stickers and death stares.

Broc doing the internet version of standing at the the end of the off-ramp…no wonder he’s so fAmOuS aNd KeWLLL.

Joey’s most G moment in recent history holding up a signed tee for the Shop.

From there we headed to the Glendale skatepark. Most of us were really running on empty at this point, but it was still a fun session. There are so many unbelievably talented local kids out here and it was a treat to watch them ride. Broc also attempted to bunnyhop over a fence onto a human being, which was pretty hilarious but a very close call in all actuality.

After the park we headed back to a rail spot we had scoped earlier in the day to light it up. Instead of pro-walking the spot, Joey chose his own approach…

We had seen this spot in a skate video in which they had the rail set up into the street like this, but we couldn’t really figure out how they did it without it tipping over…so this nasty ash tray full of rocks with a supporting rock pile was the best we came up with. It took a while, but it actually held up quite nicely and Matty crankarmed the shit out of it….twice.

A couple of brews to end the night right.



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