Volume In AZ: Day 6.

Day 6 started off with Matty freaking out at the top of his lungs “OH MY GOD, DUNKIN DONUTS, STOP HERE NOW PLEASE…sorry.” His reaction was priceless but as any east coaster will tell you, it’s probably the most delicious place ever and clearly a rarity on this side of the country. After we got even more caffeine in us, we headed to the Ratboy wedge to wedge spot. Continue reading below….

We pretty much got stuck here for the majority of the day simply because everyone had so much to do. Jonas and Broc both got some awesome stuff done and even Joey came thru with a real unique clip.

Jonas prepping for a water line that ended up giving him a refreshing dip before he was thru….given the heat though I’m sure he didn’t mind too much. After that we headed to this slanted rock spot that Drew claimed with an over tooth to back over, which was rad. I don’t have a photo of that one and I actually had to employ Bobby Kanode to film it because I was so messed up from filming in the sun for 3 hours at the last spot, that I had to cool down in the van. Drink lots of water kids!

Broc taking advantage of a little late afternoon sprinkle.

After cruising around an area called Old Town at sunset, we returned with lights to film a coupe things of Drew. The above spot he laced with a feeble hard 180 over.

The crew watches Drew ride as they get down to this song….

Jonas, Broc, Matty, and Bobby Kanode engage in a friendly game of checkers using coins and found bits of acorns and flower pedals as pieces. Meanwhile Drew was just out of frame getting a dope clip on a bench to steep railroad tie bank setup. He also got a flat in the process and just decided to do it on my bike instead….what a boss.

Matty went to battle with this bank to rail spot and came away with an awesome clip. He didn’t have to pee, so I guess a sticker is the next best thing…

Sleepy Kanode.



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