Volume In AZ: Day 5.

The thermometer permitted us to actually ride during the day yesterday, so we took full advantage by getting out of the house before noon and heading to a trapezoid ditch spot about a half hour out of town. Despite our efforts the ditch ended up being flooded so we headed back to Phoenix to ride the notorious Deck park. Read more below.

Broc managed a couple really awesome crankarm to ____ moves up the rail, and Drew did what I’m almost positive is the first backwards icepick up a set of stairs. Jonas also came thru with an insane gap to ledge ride to gap a little further down the park, which was a treat.

Catching some afternoon shade in a park that was entirely too green to feel we were in Arizona.

These guys weren’t scared and would pretty much walk right up to you.

Matty decided he needed to be the alpha-goose and scared them all back into the water.

Jonas’ ass/back got dealt with 3 or 4 times on this slippery thing and he was forced to abandon clip. Broc and Drew however must have packed their ice skating tires and got some dope lines out of this jolly green wedge spot.



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