Volume In AZ: Day 4

It was another scorcher yesterday so we ducked the heat, watched some local skate videos, stood in some sprinklers, ate some horrible subs, etc, and waited for ‘Night 4.’ Matty and Mike Jonas had arrived earlier, so with a full crew we headed out the curve the stack ledge spot around 6pm, and sessioned that till nightfall. After Jonas was finished admiring Matty’s phyique, we broke out the generator to film some Broc madness. From there we packed headed to what could easily be Arizona’s most famous ledge spot. The whole crew had a fun session on that thing and Matty and Broc came up with some goodies for it. See more below.

Broc did probably one of the more interesting things I’ve ever seen from this spot, and he didn’t even touch the ledges. Peep the tire marks for a hint.

Who? Mike Jonnnas.

Matty did something pretty nifty on one of his four pegs across this here buttery, perfect ledge.

We ended the night with some Mexican food at a spot right next to Drew’s pad.



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