Volume In AZ: Day 3

Day 3 was the scorcher high of the trip at a whopping 109 degrees! Needless to say we chose the luxury of air conditioning vs. the natural equivalent of a hair dryer in the face for the majority of the day. With dusk came some cooler temperatures, so we headed out to light up the infamous flat ledge/flat rail on top spot where Broc and Drew both walked away with some hammers. From there we spot-hunted into the night and ended up at a dope stadium ledge spot where Broc’s exceptional bunny hop skills landed him a clip that most people wouldn’t even consider trying. We ended the night going in on some fast food while Joey and Drew participated in a heated debate over what exactly is the best technique for taking a dump in the woods, and why western society uses the bathroom the “wrong” way…no comment. More photos below.

Drew’s turtle, ‘Dry Bones’ named after the skeleton dinosaur things from Super Mario.

Rolling up to the first spot of the day at sunset is a very weird feeling.

Filming necessities.

The skipper and the greenhorn.




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