Volume In AZ: Day 2.

After meeting our morning fruit smoothie quota at Drew’s and attempting to fry an egg on the sidewalk, the crew started off day 2 at the ASU campus. In an effort to get some clips and beat the heat at the same damn time, Broc and Drew decided to go in on this water fountain spot for a bit and walked away with some awesome clips & photos. We then ducked the afternoon heat at Joey’s new favorite sandwich spot, then headed to what seemed to be a pretty desolate bus stop with some dope curved wallrides where Broc and Drew both clipped up heavy. Check out more photos below.

Drew only puts people on his wall whom he strongly resembles….Bob Dylan is also on the adjacent wall.

We figured we would be returning home to some dinner, but unfortunately it was gone when we got back.

Below the male equator necessities…

Broc got a couple dope clips at ASU but took a couple shinners and an impact to the Gold Bond reigon….at least his Mystery Machine still looks fresh.

Being a pro bike rider ain’t easy…

Excited Joey.

Broc and Joey testing the capacity of the wall.

Sundown parking lot chillin’ after Broc tooth-picked and 360’d his way up and over some flat rails that were completely covered in skate stoppers…#winning.



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