Volume In Arizona: Days 4 & 5 In Tuscon.

For our final days of our short and sweet Arizona adventure we decided pack up and head east for two days and a night of endless spots, nonstop riding, and of course our usual shenanigans. How cool are we right? Yeah we know. Check our our Tuscon good times below..

On the road again.

The best part about a place like Tuscon is, if you get kicked out of one spot, there’s no need to stress because you can literally go around the corner and stumble upon amazing setups that nobody has ever touched. I proudly spotted this little loading dock gem and Drew put it to good use with a regs feeble on the ledge to switch ice down the red upright.

Hoss the boss never stops. Here’s the last bit of a high speed line filled with feebles (drew’s specialty) gaps, and foliage X tire collabs.

We met up with Tuscon local and spot pimp Andy Floyd who brought us to this above park stage spot. The fact that anyone could nose manual this so easily is seriously insane..the fact that any tricks were done out is even insane-i-er. Brockafloka putting in work!

The worlds best loading dock to electrical box. We lit her up and Broc got down with 3 crazy moves to end the night right.

TVS…That Volume Swag?

After a night of drinking manly beverages and shooting our up our hotel’s sign with the ol’ wrist rocket slingshot, we set off in search of a ditch spot (probably near here) and ended up seeing this instead. It looked really good from the road, but when we actually got in there it was a little micro…definitely skater made. That didn’t bother young Victor…Here’s a footjam to start a line with roughly 10 psi in the back wheel. Immediately before this photo, a young chubby Spanish girl at Waffle House puled me aside, pointed at Victor, and goes “excuse me, excuse me, is that…Daniel Sandoval????!!” LOL.

I wish every spot was this awesome and colorful, nohomo. Broc did probably my favorite line we filmed the entire trip here…its too much explain but you can just let your imagination go wild. Hint: That purple rail in the background is involved.

This is why Drew Hosselton is one of my favorite riders. We were across the street getting gas, Drew dips out for less than 5 minutes to give this setup a look, comes back all outta breath and goes “Yeah hey Mike you wanna go film this, I pretty much pulled it already.” Lighting this thing up was a little high profile because it was right off a main road at a busy intersection, but that didn’t kill anyone’s buzz…in fact it made it kinda more fun. To add to the fun, during filming with lights, flashes, and our equipment everywhere, two real scary lookin’ ghetto hood humans walked by us one way, then came back across the bridge towards us, both carrying baseball bats. It looked pretty scary and I honestly thought we were about to get dealt with. So, on a skateboard with camera in hand and nowhere to go really, I gave Drew my pepper spray and dipped across the street and made a loop back. We in fact also had a baseball bat in the mix so the crew was straight….I just wasn’t really trying to get the camera taken. The two hoodlums ended up just casually strolling by…maybe they were actually going to play baseball? No balls, no gloves, under a bridge, by the highway…yeah….I’m just glad we didn’t end up being the target. Oh yeah…the trick? Look at the tire marks and use your imagination..or your left foot.

Towards the end of the night before the trek back to Phoenix, Drew showed us this awesome tight tranny ditch spot at a high school seemingly in the middle of nowhere. As soon as I saw this, I knew it had Matt’s name written all over it. Sure enough he went significantly higher than everyone else and scored this dope euro photo by Mr Hilburn to wrap up our night and our Tuscon adventure. #greatclips



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