Volume In Arizona: Day 3.

VBC (Vacation Bible Camp??) Day 3 started off with some heat from Broc and Matt Cordova (above truckin’ by Erik Hilburn) at this amazing bank to rail spot that you may recognize from Road Fools 11 in which Steven Hamilton abubaca’d it…which is insane by the way. Now that bikes are significantly lighter and 18 year old kids are built like Hercules, Broc was able to step to the task of bunnyhopping up to pegs on that rail from the backside, to over into the bank. The person with the highest bunnyhop on Road Fools 11 would be Mr. Kimbrough and I doubt the thought of doing a pegs to over at this spot when they were there even crossed his mind. My how times have changed ey? Peep another photo of the above setup and more from our day below…

Oh yah…she’s a big one. Broc wins.

Volume bridge trolls. After Broc’s move went down Drew and I spent a while trying to film an insanely high pocket wallride out of the bank on the side of the bridge thru the tunnel on the other side. He couldn’t quite get his landing momentum right though, so we had to abandon ship on that one. Drew’s so good at finding spots that it’s not entirely impossible that he will find a better setup for it before you even read this. BangBang.

After the big banks take lil’ banks we headed over to this amazing loading dock setup behind what I’m guessing is a grocery store due to all the garbage melons and random food all over the ground. Broc wasted no time taking advantage of this drop in/out grind setup and put the entire spot to the best use I can imagine with a manual, to drop feeble (switch?), to to nose…to surprise at the end. Check out that found piece of carpet we used as a filming mod so I didn’t have to get my setup all wet….nohomo.

After Broc did his thing, Drew stepped to the line task using the first part of the ledge (basically a flat coping ledge with a driveway that went down so the ledge got higher and higher) with a 360 from the above parking lot to switch feeble, 180 feeble, cab out. Here’s victor getting involved in the filming aspect of the trip with Broc’s phone…for some reason. Victor also has a phone. A white iPhone. Everyone knows white phones are for girls.

50 feet away from the ledges Billy Perry cooked up an idea on this parking lot to dumpster setup with very, very little runout for the trick he ended up doing. Here she is all lit up.

Part one of Billy’s clipper. Erik Hilburn photo.

Next on the agenda for the night was this rainbow rail spot in north Phoenix. I’m guessing this thing is a weird modern style bike rack of some sort, but we were able to pick it up and sorta just move it around wherever we wanted so that made for a great session. Here’s Broc in the middle of a hanger 180. I told him it didn’t count unless he did the center bar and he was a little hesitant at first, but then proceeded to do it many many times like it wasn’t no thang at all. Professional athlete swag. Erik Hilburn photo. More tomorrow boys and girls…



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