Volume In Arizona: Day 2.

Ah yes, the perfect spot that ruined everyone’s buttholes and testicles was how our second day in the desert began….well, almost everyone. Bahlman on the other hand (above) jumped in and laced the most perfect ice to table first effin try. Victor was not so lucky and got claimed by an ice 180. Broc actually managed a dope crankarm 180 as well, but not before credit-carding his setup a few times. I have a pretty deece clip of Broc going around the corner and examining his own ass to see if there was any serious damage…whatever he was doing back there definitely did not look entirely heterosexual. More below…

#smarthumans bring the tools for the job.

After the yellow rail and examining some other spot possibilities for the afternoon we landed on this school which seemed to be kind of in the middle of nowhere…I mean there were houses and shit but really the school itself was kinda rundown. Ofcourse certain members of the Volume team would end up leading the crew to this enticing playground uprail area in the back, and that is where all the goatheads reared their ugly goat-heads. For those of you who don’t know, goatheads are these weird little mini-thorns that just exist in certain grass. They break off in your tire and give you a flat right away, or better yet linger till the next time you want to get your bike out of the van, then boom you are flatter than and anorexic girl’s chest. This spot claimed a whopping 8 tires, but that didn’t stop Billy Perry from getting down real quick…

In addition to the uprail B’s he also launched a proper suicide with tire pressure draining and the clock ticking away. Boss. Erik Hilburn on the trigger.

Before we all decided to flatten our tires out back, we rode this awesome wedge to wedge gap setup at the bottom of the bleechers. As soon as we saw it we knew it had Matt Cordova’s name all over it. Here he is with an extended & effortless tuck over it which I made him to multiple times to get the clip just right. Matt handled it like a true professional as always though…and Erik Hilburn came thru the dope photo as well.

Gas station stop to change our 8 flats and indulge in some 75 cent giant frozen cappuccino’s. Shout out to Kanode.

Unfortunately this is the only photo I have from this spot because we were just too busy kickin’ ass….so you’ll have to take this insta-grab of Drew getting his wooden feeble on in downtown Phoenix just as the sun was clocking out. As night fell Kanode let me use his camera light and Billy Perry stepped to the task of what Drew called ‘the best line to ever go down at that spot.’ After much sweat, blood, shinners, and dead batteries Billy finally managed to lay down the law….really stoked we put in the time there.

Our night of course was just getting started. This box jump-like wedge spot provided probably the best night session of the trip so far with Victor and Broc clippin’ up heavy in the mix of everyone shredding and having a great time. Can you guess what little Victor did? I’ll give you a hint: It’s a trick 10 years in the making….

Can I see that? Oh, very nice…great success. Good work team. See you tomorrow…



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