Volume In Arizona: Day 1.

It’s Monday Monday Monday and that means that we get to start dropping some daily updates on you for the duration of your work/school week showcasing our time out here in Arizona. Drew Hoss hit me up a little while ago about Gordy’s Bike Shop‘s big annual jam on December 1st, so I decided wrangle up the likes of Broc Raiford, Billy Perry, Matt Cordova, and Victor Galindo(g), to make the trek out into the desert to meet up with Drew and Eric Bahlman for a little last minute filming trip based around the Jam. After a long night of driving and surviving we made it to the shop for Saturday morning. Check out mucho photos courtesy of Erik Hilburn aka “Evil Joey” below, but not before giving Cordova’s nac nac seat grab above a second or third look….how does that even make sense!?

The turnout was pretty massive and was a reminder as to how strong the riding scene out here is….so rad! Here’s a quick slice of the scene and our guys kicking it with some of the local kids.

It’s Billy Perry’s first official Volume trip, first time in the desert, and probably the first time he’s ever had to ride under jet-lagged circumstances. However, none of that seemed to phase him one bit and he proceeded to kill it the whole jam. Here’s a cranker on the flat bar.

Local boy Drew Hoss (follow him on insagram @drewhoss so we don’t have to make fun of him anymore for having no followers) hitten ’em with a rolllercoaster ice on the boxes.

I brought our Volume Bikes bunnyhop bar (aka the Broc Hop Challenge) along and we got it popping in the parking lot. After your traditional bunnyhop contest with Broc and other team riders chiming in with the occasional highest hops over the lowest heights to demonstrate their professional stature….it came down to a real battle-royal of muscle between Broc and this local kid A.J. above. This kid had some serious pop and there was definitely a point where A.J. cleared like 46″ or 47″ and Broc slipped up and knocked the bar off. In the end I think A.J. maxed out at 47″ or 48″ and didn’t manage to take down Broc’s BMX world record of 49″…however he obviously won the hop contest and walked away with some tees, hats, and a fresh pair of Broc’s new Bourbon Street Bars….swag. After that was over Broc may or may not have cleared 50″ in some way without his bike hitting the bar, but weather or not he landed it is a different story. Either way, lookout world record.

You know a shop is dope when they have an ugly sweater contest…shoutout to Gordy’s. Later on we attended a late night adult gathering at the adjacent dwelling to Drew’s house where Bobby Kanode peed on a wall in front of a bunch of the entire party. Foul.

Product tosselton.

Oh ya know just doing my job…

Damn Drew loves himself way too much doesn’t he? I’m really only saying that because he literally just squirted me with a garden hose for trying to film him watering his 2’x5′ patch of purchased grass which he is convinced will become a luscious thriving lawn. Poster signed by the whole crew for the shop.

After the jam and a much needed pizza re-fueling stop we headed to a school across the street from our place of dining to light up this rail curved rail setup against the wall for Drew. Knowing Drew and his curved rail/ledge/wall/swag feeble abilities…I really shouldn’t have been too surprised that he was able to crank a hard 180 out of it either….but man that shit was nuts!

The second and final quest for clips that night landed us at this awesome bank spot in an ass backwards park in which cops drive thru all setalth with the lights off, roll up on you, and then act like children impressed by bike tricks. Fortunately literally the entire crew airs to the left and this spot had a nice little knuckle off the right that popped you super high. Matt Cordova really took advantage of that situation and started blasting bars and whips significantly higher that everyone else which was really something to see. Broc and Billy also came thru with some flair-bear and nose press nugs to cap off our night. More tomorrow…



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