Volume Albuquerque #VolumeABQ Days 6 & 7.

In the interest of making the most of our Sunday morning, we opted out of the web update for yesterday, so now you get to enjoy double the fun today. Sound good?…well alright. Here’s D warming up with a feeble bar up the best hubba in the world. To see one of the most embarrassing photos of Tate ever, you’re gonna wanna continue reading….
Tate rolling up to the session after a night of debauchery…and yes that’s a dude in the front seat.

Knowing he’d been got, Tate could do nothing but laugh at the situation. It’s honestly not really what you think it is, but it might as well be.

So we’ve pretty much spent the past two days riding this amazing high school that just so happens to be located right across the street from our vacation rental house. Here’s Drew paying homage to Matt Beringer and goofing off with some butt slides. He actually almost slid one to 180 out but just ended up getting worked to the point that he had to take a bath to sooth his muscles.

Inspired by Tate’s previous night, Broc must have decided he wanted in on the action. I’m really not sure what exactly he’s doing here, but Joey sure did capture it perfectly.

The scene of the crime. It’s amazing how Broc can just casually do these nose curve nose manuals to 180 over and over just warming up. Must be freeekin nice.

Back again. We could easily spend another two or three full days riding this amazing school. Here’s Raban with a warm up feebs to bar on one of many perfect out ledges.

Broc’s a boss ass bitch when it comes to doing lines.

D with some fresh palm tree ink.

I always stress whenever Broc skates my board because he weighs considerably more than I do, and last time Joey attempted to shoot a photo like this he snapped it. Luckily this time the ol Garden Red Glox board held up for this popped front side 180.

The happiest little chef on earth in his Volume Mountain Tee. Yeah, you know you wanna order one of those.

While we were at another elementary school rail last night, two questionable characters walked by and offered to sell us some herbal medication. Vicente I think is a little more of a drinker than a smoker, and ended up passing out atop the container he was sitting on. We were actually nervous that he was gonna fall off, and Drew decided to wake him up by dragging a tree branch across his face.



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