Volume Albuquerque #VolumeABQ Day 8: Kore Bikes Shop Stop.

The 8th and final day of the trip started off by waking up at the crack of dawn, leaving our warm cozy vacation rental, and heading back west for our shop stop at Kore Bikes in Tempe, AZ. Here’s Drew starting things off in style with a boosted 180 tabes….
I think we actually got there a bit early, so the festivities got off to slow start but by the time 5:00 rolled around the parking lot was filled with humans.

The inside of a damn good shop. Follow them on IG @KoreBikes and if you’re in AZ make sure you stop in for all your Volume needs.

Broc’s always a crowd pleaser. He was firing out these “switch” feeble whips like it was his jerb.

Our little Spanish shithead Vicente was killing it too! Despite having a very bruised ass and barely being able to sit down, he was actually riding really well. Here’s a feebs hard 180 bar on Bahlman’s magic box.

I love kid’s reactions to seeing Raban ride in person for the first time. He may have left his golden chef costume at home, but he brought with him a unique bag of tricks including wild one footed icepicks, rocket crooks, and of course the Raban signature one handed x-up grind.

The lineup.

Lil Dizzle with a steezy feeble hard.

For our first product giveaway we opted for best trick on the up-ledge for a pair of Iron Chachi Bars. This kid came thru with back to back high speed hanger 180’s followed by an un-luce to bar. Tons of people threw down some crazy stuff but this kids was certianly killing it the hardest. Congrats man!

Long beard, Long legs, great footplants.

To give away this pair of grips, Raban came up with this amazing (and incredibly dangerous) idea for kids to grind then attempt to grab the grips with one hand, then somehow land and ride away. I think like 6 or 7 kids ate shit bad before this kid got a grab on one grip, landed with the package and narrowly missed a bar-end to the face as he fell over. I’m not sure if we’ll be continuing this concept at future shop stops, but it sure was exciting while it lasted.

A good ol game of footdown for Drew’s signature Hatchet forks.

Great art Joey, great art.

As much as I would have been stoked to see the youngest kid there win the best prize in footdown, unfortunately shit got twisted and this turned into kind of a weird situation.The kid who won the bars ended up talking to the kid’s dad and trading the bars for the forks since they wouldn’t fit on his 16 inch bike anyway, so that was cool. But, the kid who did in fact win the foot down contest fairly (who didn’t just roll in there at the last second) kinda got robbed. We’re sorry for the confusion!

What shop stop would be complete without a good ol’ fashioned product toss? We’d like to thank our boy Eric Hilburn @KoreBikes for having us and all our friends & fellow riders for coming out…It was a great time to say the least. And with that, our ABQ trip is a wrap. Thanks for following along, and if you missed anything just click here to check out all the updates.



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