Volume Albuquerque #VolumeABQ Day 5.

It’s hard to believe we’re exactly half way thru the trip now. It feels like we’ve been here for way longer, but at the same time we’re all having so much fun that time is just flying by. Like, so trippy man. Here’s Vicente with a little warm up hanger to start off the day right…

Posted at the University after Broc laid down a serious banger that he’d never even attempted before on an out rail.

Drew giving Joey his best mean mug while we all laugh at him.

Here’s the crew watching Tate get his drift on. Immediately after this photo was taken a girl who couldn’t have been older than 22 years old came out of the adjacent building and tried to tell us we couldn’t sit on the ledge and we were trespassing by standing on the sidewalk. We obviously all told her to shut the fuck up and go away, and in turn she phoned the police with accusations that 8 men were “threatening her.” Simply amazing. Just wait till that girl gets married.

Unfortunately right after we had to dip out from that whole situation, Platt was warming up for another move, bailed, and rolled his foot pretty bad. We brought him to the nearest Urgent Care, went to light up a rail, then picked him up after. It turns out he broke a metatarsal bone in his foot when he rolled it and is gonna be out for at least 4-6 weeks. They for whatever reason didn’t give him crutches just yet though and instead opted for this walking boot. I guess we’ll just see how it looks when Platt can see an orthopedic doctor back home in Cali.

While Platt was getting his foot checked out we decided to give this rail a proper session. Right when we were setting up a janitor came out and told us to leave, and I told him the principal gave us permission and it was all good. He promply changed his tone and was like “oh, alright just don’t mess anything up…” and went inside. See kids it pays to lie about everything. Here’s Broc warming up with a little “switch” pegs.

Broc, Drew, and Raban put a hurtin’ on this rail! Hands down the best session of the trip so far.

Great success.

Happy men. From the rail we went and picked up Platt, then jammed back to the house for some pretty wild party shenanigans with a bunch of generous New Mexico 5’s of questionable age…who lost their keys and brought a gay guy over with them. Only in Albuquerque….



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