Volume Albuquerque #VolumeABQ Day 4.

Day 4 started out at what we think was an old abandoned meat packing plant or something. Seems like an unlikeley spot for any conventional spots I know, but sometimes you gotta think outside the box, or in this case the giant meat freezer, to find some new interesting things to ride. Here’s Broc and I bullying Tate after he instructed us to “not push him all the way around this time…”
“Damn it guys, I’ve got dirt in my ear!!”

Seems like there isn’t a Volume trip that has gone by where we don’t land ourselves in some sort of abandoned building.

Inside finds.

Just to give you the idea of the tire hazards out here in the desert. I think so far we’ve cleaned out two WalMarts of 20″ tubes…or at least the slime free ones. The fact that there isn’t a BMX shop here is insane for such a strong scene. If anyone wants a free million dollar idea, move to Albuquerque and open a BMX shop.

Platt loves finding a good mug or random piece of decrepit pottery whenever we go to abandoned places. He did that shit at the pool the other day with Enns the other day too.

For whatever reason, we got kicked out of the first spot by a good citizen in a full length semi truck. The fact that he took a half hour out of his day to stop, wait for us to load the van, and bounce is crazy. What a loosah. We cruised around town a bit and landed ourselves at this amazing little park with some brick banks and springy houses. Here’s Vicente doing a caveman while Broc enjoys himself to the max.

You know I had to have a go.

Joey saw Drew trying this and was so convinced that he couldn’t do it, that he bet him dinner. Inspired by the free food, Drew gave it a few more go’s and proved Joey wrong.

After the park we rolled up on this awesome little art structure thing. Wes informed us that this piece used to be somewhere else in the city where it was near impossible to ride, but they had just recently moved it to this location where seemingly nobody gives a fuck. Here’s Broc lacing a quick 180 b’s after Drew filmed a very Drew-ish clip.

We ended the day by exploring some of the more high profile high schools in ABQ trying to come up with fresh ideas/ Here’s everyone chillin’ while Vicente filmed a lil guy. Stay tuned for more tomorrow!



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