Volume Albuquerque #VolumeABQ Day 3.

Day trizzle was a super productive one filled with amazing spots and laughs for days, which is exactly what we came here for. We got all these lazy assholes out the house somewhat early for a change, and we met up with Wes who brought us over to this first downhill ditch/bank spot. Drew actually filmed a dope line with this being the middle move, but Joey made this photo look extra dope so this is now the official photo of the day. It’s also especially crazy given that he has a coaster. See Raban about to rob a bank below…
How we roll.

Wes & crew.

Broc warming up with a 180 tooth 180. How this is even in the realm of “warm up tricks” is beyond me, but Broc lives on another planet…a planet filled with shitty hardcore music and facetime with tinder babes.

This is amazing. We’ve been making fun of Drew’s pony tail the whole trip and this photo is just the icing on the cake.

Unable to find any playgrounds nearby, Tate tries to slide sideways down the entire ditch.

Artists. I actually made Drew do this line a couple times because it’s super hard to film a downhill rolling long line in which you have to slow down without duffing it. In the end he hit his knee on top of the ledge and had to call it quits….I felt really bad but at least he’s not actually hurt.

Shorty phone break. Probably bragging about his line just like D the day before.

After the ditch spot we hit up this amazing apartment complex near campus that was filled with tons of red rails of all shapes and sizes…aka Platt’s dream land. Here’s Vicente with a little railhop t-bog while just passing thru.



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