Volume Albuquerque #VolumeABQ Day 2.

Day two started off around the kitchen table watching ABQ scene reports and so-fourth trying to come up with ideas for spots for the day. We arrived at the idea of this ditch spot, then headed out to meet up with Wes. Here’s Raban making use of this spine wedge hip with a dipped t-bog….so dipped in fact that his foot has seceded from the pedal. Check out more of our day below…
We’ve all been in places with gnarly goat head thorns, but this ditch spot definitely took the cake. The night before I purchased like 8 tubes, and this spot alone claimed at least 4 tires and a couple slow leaks later on. We’re all actually placing bets right now on who will have flats when we pull our bikes out the van. Walking is key.

Brocafloka in the house. Broc flew into the trip a day late as he’s been spending some quality supermodel time back in Louisiana. In between all that, he clearly got to ride a lot too because he dropped in and did this switch whip picture perfect…before this photo even took place. Notice Tate looking on in utter frustration and jealousy wishing he could even pull off one single regular tailwhip…

Tate spend a significant amount of time exploring around this dark, dirty circular pipe, which really isn’t too far from how he spends his nights back home in Salt Lake. But anyway, Tate has a dream trick in mind for this which didn’t end up working out, however I definitely have some great footage to show Elf of Tate getting frustrated.


Drew was super stoked on this photo. I mean, It’s no world’s longest manual….but it’s still pretty cool I guess.

Vicente with a dubbs to over minutes before Platt stepped up to the plate.

As the sun was going down, we rolled up on this amazing high school as seen in old Eli Platt sections as well as newer Dan’s comp catalog covers.

Vicente warming up with a little hip bar.

Crew chillin as Broc, Vicente, and Raban went back and fourth with a a parking lot manual pad session.

Drew doing the ol Joe Smith for Tate and all the other Mormons out there. Stay tuned for more from our ABQ adventures tomorrow…



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