Volume Albuquerque #VolumeABQ Day 1.

After 13 plus hours of van pimping across the California desert and some finer parts of Arizona and New Mexico, we’ve finally made it to ABQ. As you can see we’re living in style in a gated community complete with backyard, pool, and it’s own playground for Tate and I to ride. With Albuquerque’s very own Wes McGrath showing us around this should be one hell of a trip. Lets do this…
Tate building up the whip in our two car garage. Yeah, no big deal.

We started out the day at UNM Albuquerque which to our pleasant surprise is pretty chill to ride during the week. Here’s Drew going back an fourth at his dream curved wallride setup while I gather video information above. May I also point out pony tail Drew. This is a new Drew for everyone here. Someone said he looks like a soccer player, I just think he looks like he might swing for another team.

After spending a couple hours seeing what the campus had to offer, D found a crazy setup that was just begging to get done, and decided to step to the task. Here he is probably bragging to his shorty about his banger move.

We have a Spaniard on this trip who goes by the name of Vicente Candel. In the short amount of time we’ve all spent with Vicente, we’ve heard so many crazy hilarious stories come out of his mouth that I can say we already know him very well. This kid is on a billion all the damn time…except maybe in this photo, where he appears awkwardly calm.

Drew is the only one of us besides Joey who had been to Albuquerque before. Here he is taking a stroll around campus.

Smoke break with Tate and Wes.

If just so happens that we picked the perfect time to do this trip…exactly the day when the time changes (sarcasm). With the light winding down at 5pm, Raban wasted no time ending the day with a bang. Here he is waiting in a sea of unsuspecting college students and employees.

While Raban was trying this, we were all having the conversation like “…Yeah, anyone can go out and buy the Animal OG pegs if they wish, but even that will not enable you to do crooks like Raban…” I swear he’s the best crooked grinder on this planet, and I challenge you to challenge that. Anyway, we out…stay tuned for more tomorrow.



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