#VLMDemoJapanTour: Days 5 & 6.

The fun times keep coming over here and it’s definitely at the point in the trip where the days just kinda start blending together. So backing it up: Day 5. We checked out of our hotel in Hachioji and drove northwest towards the middle of the country with a brief stop to climb a tower and see Mt Fuji way off in the distance. From there we made our way to some wild racetrack/sand trails thing that some dude built in the middle of the woods. It was definitely the type of thing that we weren’t really ready for but we had a good time just kickin’ it with the locals. From there we ventured down to Nagoya to visit the above shop, Fivestar. Fivestar was such a dope core BMX shop stocked with all the best shit and ran by legit dudes…it was awesome. The city of Nagoya itself was also a nice change from how uptight, quiet, & clean our stay in Hachioji was. Needless to say we we’re all ready to party. We were treated to a nice dinner where everyone got real loose, however we we’re required to go re-meet up with the locals at the Volcano spot (where Dennis had the flip whip cover) and have a night session. Everyone was pretty hammered but of course this wasn’t really a problem…in fact it probably made it way more fun. For Day 6 we headed up far north to Toyama where we visited TooLate shop and rode the best park of the trip in my opinion, Toyama Skatepark. Great clips, great times! CLICK TO EXPAND GALLERY. All photos by Joey Cobbs.



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