Vital’s Game Of Bike

This years Vital’s Game Of Bike has a few of our riders in it and can’t wait to see how it all goes down.  This year it’s actually at a street plaza (Hollenbeck Plaza in Los Angeles) and with ‘real’ street riders.  Our dudes, DeMarcus Paul, Josh Clemens and Broc Raiford will all be in it.  The contest goes down this Saturday and will be live on Vital’s website.

“This Saturday, October 4th we’re taking over Hollenbeck Skatepark in Los Angeles and bringing sixteen of the best riders together to compete. This weekend’s street event marks the first time we’ve split Game of BIKE into separate street and ramp editions. We’re expecting the riding to be insane since riders will have to dig deeper to competing against riders of the same discipline.  Join us and take in the good times and amazing riding. The event starts at noon and we expect it to continue until 5:00 pm.” – Vital BMX

Hollenbeck Skatepark
415 S. St Louis St, Los Angeles, CA 90033



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