Victor Galindo Welcome To Volume Edit.

Voume Bikes: Victor Galindo Welcome To Volume Edit. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

We’d like to proudly introduce this young whipper snapper to the team in style….but before we get started I feel like you should know a few things about little Victor since he’s most likely a new face to you. Victor hails from Nipomo (nohomo) California where it smells like poop all the time. He is the protege to Alex Raban’s positive mentoring skills and together they spend their days riding the Nipomo equivalent of FBM ghetto street comp, AKA “The Rec.” He in turn has dialed in his peg skills along with ridiculous tricks like decades off nothing but a tiny pallet box jump. Victor also may or may not be involved in a very lucrative energy drink pyramid scheme which he claims will have him whippin a Benz on 24’s at some point this year. Now that you know Alex Raban’s little brother better, give this edit a watch or 10…..get it? ….like a decade, man. Featuring footy from Victor’s home turf in the central California coast, along with some Arizona spots in the mix.

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni

Music: Architecture In Helsinki – “Everythings Blue”



2 replies on “Victor Galindo Welcome To Volume Edit.

  • Akira L

    What’s the dealio with the “(nohomo)”? There’s better ways to phonically write the town Nipomo, a quick google can show you that.

    Cali got sensitivity with the prop 8 situation and little things like this hurt. I hope it was an accident. Unfortunately now I’m seeing loads of BMX/Volume related links show up the term “nohomo”, you guys included which gives me and I’m sure a few others hella bad vibes. I’d be stoked if you could do a little edit to spread a little love to all the gay riders and riders who love and respect all shredders.

    Peace xx


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