Utah & Idaho Trip Day 3 & 4.

We were originally planning on staying up in Pocatello paradise the previous night, but due to the lack of promising spots we decided to head back down to SLC that night to rest up in comfort. Day 3 started off at this amazing ledge spot under a bridge downtown where we rode around in bird shit, Broc got two super dope clips, and bum tried to convince us that his son could do flat ground backflips on his long board. More photos below…

Fucking around with the hurdles at Skyline High School. Check out our buddy Tanner Nelson getting his Olympian on.

Broc actually hopped all of these in a row and 180’d over the last one, then broke thru our makeshift garbage bag finish line. Great Clips. Devin Feil Photo.

“Alright guys I’m gonna hop this real quick”…Seriously rolling up on this thing looked insanely intimidating to say the least, but that didn’t phase Broc one bit.

Day 4. Warm up DP on this before lacing a crankarm on the opposite site with front wheel thru the tree.

Tate getting in the midst of getting his rollover to surfer on.


Real mature Broc…



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