Utah & Idaho Trip Day 2: Pocatello, Idaho

Have you ever heard of Pocatello? Yeah, me neither….but for some reason we thought it would be a great idea to make the trek a couple hours north to check out what this little town with a funny name had to offer. The above rock spot you may recognize from Tate’s first Volume Edit at about :40 seconds where he does the can can footplant. Check out more of our Pocatello party after the jump..

Broc was really feeling the rock spot and seemingly felt very at home very quickly. From boosted tables & euros to bars and more, we ended up walking away with some dope photos & clips.

Filmaz. Devin Feil photo.

We spent the majority of the day driving around exploring Pocatello in the van and rolled up on this railhop to gap into the street spot. This is actually Broc’s very first 180 railhop…first try too, like a boss. Devin Feil on the trigger.

Flat tire gang. From goat-head thorns to glass I think we all cumulatively got about 8 flats throughout the day.

Broc rocking one of our fresh tees.



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