Utah & Idaho Trip Day 1.

Fresh off the Tea & Biscuits UK Tour (and still feeling the jet lag) I decided to head out to Salt Lake City to do some filming with Tate for his upcoming Drifter V2 Promo. I brought along Biz Jordan, Devin Feil, and flew in fellow Volume rider Broc Raiford to join in on the fun for the first leg of his west coast travels. Check out our day of shredding playgrounds and hanging out with Utah’s finest after the jump…

We started off the day chilling with Cameron Wood at The Wood Shop, then headed out to Tate Spot #1 below which was right down the street from the shop. Biz meanwhile stayed behind for a minute to kick it with KillaCam and practice his jizzing face..

Tate Spot. You may recognize this spot from the most recent Demolition Fun With Guns Tee Flipbook. Tate wasn’t done with this spot yet and had yet another move for the opposite side which turned out to be an awesome clip. Can you guess what comes after the polejam? Shout out to Devin Feil for the photo.

From there we met up with none other than Mike Aitken and contuned our day in Tate Roskelley’s playground land. Here the crew gets a quick swing set session in before Tate got his clip and the rain started coming down on us. Devin Feil on the trigger.

Aitken took us to this awesome playground spot about 25 minutes outside of SLC located in middle of nowhere Coppertown, which logically enough is known for having the world’s largest copper mine. Biz, Cam, And Aitken put in work with the mulch runways to ride it and Biz ended up walking away with a dope photo and clip that hes pretty psyched on. In addition to the brick banks spot there was also a basketball court next to it with some awesome ledges that Tate managed to figure out something sexy on as well.

Tate and I rocking the new Volume Mute tee and tank…available soon at finer BMX retailers. For all the other new designs check out the Back To School Tee Flipbook in case you missed it!



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