We are excited for you to see this new video of Trevor Antillon! He’s only been with Volume for a short time but he’s put his all into the team and everything he films. It’s only fitting to give him his own colorway for the new Voyager XL Frame.  This frame is quick and tech like the Voyager V2 but with a little added length for riders like Trevor that are used to 13″ rear end (13.25 Center). The frame also features an 11.7″ BB Height, 9.25″ Standover, 75.25° Headtube & 6mm thick dropouts with built in chain tensioners. Enjoy the video, read the interview and mark your calendars for March 2021 to get your hands on one of these frames.  Video by Dalton Voss


So what’s different about the Voyager Xl compared to the Voyager?
The Voyager XL has a 13”rear ended (slammed) compared to the Voyagers 12.5”rear end (Slammed). Besides that, the Voyager XL has the same street based geometry that Voyager has.

How does it feel compared to your previous setup?
I usually try to keep my setup’s the same as far as dimesion goes. I usually go back and forth with top tube sizes but for the most part I usually ride the same dimensions.  I’m not the type of person to ride a super short rear end because of how twitchy it can be.

Was it hard picking a colorway?
Surprisingly, yes it was haha. I remember always thinking about what color I would want if I ever got the chance to have a colorway when I was younger . When the time actually came to pick one out I was clueless haha.

Did the name (Night Owl) and color come about at the same time or did one inspire the other?
Haha, I believe the color came slightly first. The name actually came about as a joke and once it came down to finding a name for the color it fit perfect.

Did you run into any roadblocks or issues trying to film this edit or any clips you weren’t able to get?
There were a couple clips that I wasn’t able to get for this project because of some circumstances with the pandemic and security as well.

(From Markell) What advantages do you have growing up in Yucaipa?
Technically, I didn’t grow up in Yucaipa but I did spend a lot of time there . The advantages of “growing up” there would probably be the scene that was here growing up. I wouldn’t be where I’m at now without the people I grew up riding with.

(From Jarren) If you could be any bike part, what would you be?
Beyond me hahaha. Probably the wheels because they keep the good times rolling!

(From JP) What were your top 3 favorite riders growing up?
I don’t know if I could have a top 3 but if I had favorites they would probably be Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche and a tie between Ty Morrow and Kirk Shearer

Anything else in the works?
At the moment, I’m icing my foot so I can get back on my bike haha . Aside from that, just finishing up a video project that I’ve been working on and riding my bike!

Anything you want to add?
I want to thank everyone at Volume bikes for all their support and for giving me this opportunity. Also want to thank all my sponsors, friends and family for having my back and all the support they’ve given me over the years! Cheers!




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