Travis Jackson

This week the 180 family lost a co-worker and good friend, Travis Jackson. His love for BMX was insane, it was like watching a kid get their first bmx bike for Christmas. He absolutely loved every aspect of it, the industry, the mags, riders… he loved it all. Always willing to help out or be a mentor to younger riders. A true friend and selfless guy that always put others before himself.  We’re holding a jam for Travis with his good friend, Robbie over at Cult. We’ll have more info. up asap.



2 replies on “Travis Jackson

  • Jeff Burns

    I met Travis many years ago when he was with element and his excitement about bikes and skateboards was unparralled. Anytime I talked to him he was excited about some thing. He had enough energy for ten bmx kids and so much passion for life. I lost track of him years ago he will be missed so very much. My condolences go out to his family , especially his wife and son. Travis J you were a special On

  • Tyler Yamamoto

    Travis, I met him at Vans skate park in the Block of Orange. He was one of the first people I met there and he was such a rad dude. Always cheering on and clapping if someone landed a trick, always there to help if someone fell. He will be missed from not on me, but many other people.

    R.I.P Travis


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