TR In CA With A Touch Of Platt.

Tate made the flight out from frigid snowy Salt Lake City to stay with me for a few days in warm (usually) sunny Southern California and begin the lengthy but ever interesting process of filming for his DVD section. Between captaining a very popular fake Instagram and keeping up on men’s “lifestyle” magazines in the back of the van, Tate somehow has already managed to find a couple setups that tickled his fancy….

I love filming with Tate because you never know what he’s gonna come up with, and the above setup is a perfect example of Tate’s creative genius. In fact, he was actually so excited about the way this clip came out that later that night he decided to splurge on tickets to his favorite music festival, Ozzfest, to celebrate.

Throwin’ up bricks at the Volume Training Facility…

Demolition affiliate Connor Lodes recently asked me “Hey come you always post photos of spots on the Volume blog and tell everyone what people did on them!?” To which I responded “Really…do I do that??….I do kinda do that huh?….” Wellllp he brings up an excellent point. Why should I spoil it for you when you can just see this dope spot and wait for the video? I’m sure Platt would agree, and that’s why you guys can take your own stab at what a three pegged Alex Platt would on this big manly rail. Look out for his Welcome to Volume video within the next few months…really excited about how its coming along so far.

Yesterday it ended up raining on and off for most of the day, so we decided to head up the south LA area and pedal around some industrial wastelands in search of Tate spots. More tomorrow….



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