The Volume 1 Video Nod

Unbelievably stoked that the Volume 1 video made the DIG bmx’s Best Videos Of 2015 list. Our guys Josh Clemens, Billy Perry, DeMarcus Paul, and filmer/editor, Mike Mastroni put a lot of time and energy into it and stoked they got the nod. Be sure to check it out again here>>
“Volume Bikes wasted no time in following up ‘The Finer Things’ DVD with another incredible video project. With full sections from Josh Clemens, Billy Perry, and DeMarcus Paul. Josh Clemens first full section was sure to make waves, this kid has got style, tricks, and excellent taste. Billy Perry made the most of a visit to California/Oregon and opportunities to film near home in NYC coming away with his best collection of footage to date. You’d think there is no way DeMarcus Paul’s section could top all the amazing edits he’s already put out this year, but somehow it did just that. So so good!” – DIG



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