The Mike Jonas Experience at the CKI2012

BMX isn’t about learning a routine and then putting on a show, so why run contests like this? Major contests often try to micro-manage every little detail to boost various metrics, but turns out if you just step back and let bike riders have fun and be happy, you’ll end up with one of the best and most watchable contests yet.

This contest was BMX. If you took away the cameras, live feed and the large prizes, I bet everyone would have thrown down nearly just as hard. Even during practice the day before things got heavy, with some of the biggest unseen and undocumented bangers going down. That little bit of added pressure and motivation from the cameras, live feed, catfish announcing, and large prize pool was the icing on the cake to take everything to the next level.

I hope more contests take note of this and give real BMXers full control over how BMX events are run. Chad killed it and put together one of the dopest contest. It was an amazing experience, and I look forward to hopefully riding in more events like this.– Mike Jonas

More photos of Jonas at CKI2012 after the jump. Huge thanks goes out to DIG (David Leep) and Ride (Jeff Z) for the amazing shots.

Over Grind

Cross footed grind

Nollie over grind

Vert wall Ice

Jonas after a sleepless night on his way to the comp



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